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With our expertise and years of experience in the dubbing of TV productions, we take care of your films and videos from the translation to the final ready-to-broadcast product.

Linguistically and technically, our dubbed and voice-over versions are of the highest quality. Both in the preparation of scripts and in the studio, we use only professional and experienced native speakers.

Our customers include ORF, Deutsche Welle TV and DW-Transtel and all the leading German TV production and distribution companies, from Global Screen to Studio Hamburg and the Tele München Group.

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The Sprachfachmann supplies translations of scripts for TV, online, business and industry, copy for advertising commercials, product videos and image films as well as subtitles for feature films and TV productions.

In our translations we pay close attention to factual correctness, terminological accuracy and appropriate style. We apply the highest standards to all text formats from the fields of politics, business and society, science and technology, medicine, the arts and entertainment, sports, children and young people, advertising and marketing.

The quality control is carried out by experienced linguists and translators.

Every script and every translation is timed to the last second. Missing text can be transcribed from the visual material provided to create new source scripts.

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Our professional translators guarantee correct and stylistically appropriate subtitles; our technical staff guarantees the high quality of the end result on screen.

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